Sutter Time Exchange Program for Yolo County STEP YOLO
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STEP Yolo Members Help Each Other

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The Sutter Time Exchange Program for Yolo County (STEP Yolo) is a free community service jointly sponsored by Sutter Davis Hospital, Sutter West Medical Group and the City of Davis. It offers members the opportunity to "bank" the time and skill they invest in helping others. Participants can then recoup that investment through receipt of volunteer services by others.

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You can participate in the STEP Yolo program for your own benefit or for the benefit of others:

  • Donate your skill or ability and "bank" your hours (one hour of credit for one hour of effort) so that you can draw off them later at the same rate (one hour of service received for every hour you invested)

For example, you can spend two hours helping another member shop for groceries, then receive two hours of yardwork from a STEP Yolo member next week.

  • Donate your skill or ability and "bank" them on behalf of your favorite charity or a family member.

For example, you can provide one hour of filing for a community agency and credit that to your mother, who'll enjoy an hour's home visit from a member who shares her interest in needlepoint.

The idea is to trade one skill for another... the opportunities are limitless and all that we ask is that each member register for the program and give us some time to find a "match" for the requested service. You can participate as often or as infrequently as you wish, depending upon our ability to find a suitable match or exchange of services.

You need not be affiliated with Sutter to be a member of the STEP Yolo program.

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Members typically exchange such services as light home maintenance, cooking, grocery shopping, telephone and home visitation, light housekeeping, transportation and assistance with paperwork. Others have volunteered to tutor or provide professional services such as bookkeeping and computer assistance.

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The STEP program primarily uses community volunteers and financial contributions from the sponsoring organizations. Grants, such as the one made available by Astra Merck for the purchase of computer software, are also essential to STEP's success.
Volunteers at Sutter Davis Hospital staff the phone lines. With support from other resources supplied by the City of Davis and Sutter West Medical Group, they identify people to fill your service request or benefit from your donation. It's what we call a "win-win" situation.

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Call the Sutter Lifestyle Management Program in the hospital's Vaughn Resource Center at 757-5110 and we'll help you register as a member. Or, to request a packet of information about STEP Yolo, you may also call the City of Davis Parks and Community Services Department at 757-5626 during regular business hours.

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