AFES Network Services System Status Page 

10/4/13 PG&E power issue

two Access Points are without power this morning. I will be monitoring and updating this page. This is what I got from PG&E just after 8am. YOLO: 2 outage(s) affecting 1673 customer(s) Cause: PG&E will be assessing the cause of your outage. Status: Awaiting assessment Start Time of Outage: 10/04/2013 05:09:39 AM Est. Time of Restoration: Not Available Last Updated: 10/04/2013 07:57:00 AM Sorry for the inconvenience - DC Subject: Gmail delivery issues ---------------------------------------------------------

For the past several days all email destined for gmail (Google email service) have been rejected. Google has been contacted several times through the only support channels available and no response has been forthcoming. Google has no mechanism available for live contact with support personnel and it is unknown when the issue might be resolved. Email destined to all other major ISP's, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. continues to deliver properly. We continue to prompt Google for some response