AFES Network Services System Status Page 

Recent Windows update issue 1-12-18

2-18-18 This morning Dusty is going up to the towers to replace the switch in question, unstable performance. there will be a 5 to 10 minute outage during the process.

NEW for 2-17-18 7PM - There is an outage affecting all of our northern circuits including Bald Mountain, CR21, CR24, CR89, Watts Airport, Esparto, Lamb Valley, Zamora and Madison. Service is being restored and my go up and down until fully repaired.

A recent and very large Windows update has been downloading to Windows 10 systems during the past week and can be expected to continue for several more. This update is so large it is interfering with connections, using all available bandwidth. If you are experiencing a slow connection, please check your resource monitor to view the amount of network usage eachh process in your Windows 10 system is using. As always, if you call our support team when the slowness is occurring we can assist you in determining the cause.