Speedo Mk II Slope Soarer

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The Hobby King aileron servo, the Hyperion 550 mah LiPoly, and the JR micro servo for the elevator (12 in. oz. torque)

I made a new mounting plate to fit the JR servo correctly and CA'd it to the fuselage.  The servo can be removed with the pushrod and arm installed. 
The supplied pushrod will not solder, it is stainless so I replaced it with  .047 music wire with a short length of .032 on the front end
so it would fit without drilling a larger hole in the JR servo arm.

I removed the case from the Hobby King receiver and put heat shrink on the receiver.  The case weighs 6 grams by itself, the receiver with heatshrink
is 4 grams.  I couldn't find a way to get things to fit with the case on the receiver.

The receiver installed.

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