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I have four of the Hobby King 6 channel Orange receivers, like the one initially installed in this glider.  I test flew one with the satellite receiver in
another airplane with poor results (shortened nose after a spin to mother earth at some distance from me).  I ranged checked three of them
with my DX6i and found that with or without the satellite they all range check at thirty paces and fail at thirty one paces.  I range checked
the AR 6115 out to 60 paces, twice the minimum and it never lost radio link and I stopped the check.  I've used an AR 615 which the
6115 apparently replaces, it is externally the same, in a Great Planes 35 inch Sopwith Camel with good results and the Black
Bullet test airplane has always flown reliably with a Spektrum AR6200 which the HK receiver had replaced for the "test flight". 
The HK receivers are only good for small park flyers in my book, and the AR6400 indoor receiver has been working OK in that respect for
my DARE Mustang.  Oh Well.  Maybe I will try them on my Tug Boat.

I bought an AR 6115 DSMX receiver and found that it allows a combination that actually fits nicer than the HK receiver by nesting the receiver
under the plate for the rudder servo and putting the battery in the nose.  Everything just fit and I am so happy.  There is a version of this
receiver that has end pins but that will not work as well, I tried both at R/C Country, with Joe's help.


The Hyperion 550 mah LiPoly just fits in and the wiring is much neater with this installation.  I did find that the elevator servo was feeling
a little warm after a few minutes operation so I put in a Hextronik voltage regulator to set the voltage at 5 volts.  The regulator fits under the
wing, and the changes moved the CG forward 1/8 inch or less.

Not being content to leave well enough alone, I mixed the flap swith to the ailerons and set this droop on the flap down position with a little
down trim in the elevator.  Going to try this setting at altitude first.  I want to see if it makes it float some in low wind conditions. 
Is that about how you set yours up, Paul?

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