From Ken Durling, on his F-100D:

The North American F-100D Super Sabre modeled here is one of the aircraft from the 352nd
Tactical Fighter Squadron, of the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing. The 352nd was one of four squadrons
comprising this particular wing, the others being the 353rd, 355th and 356th.  The markings of the four
squadrons varied only in color - the 353rd being red, the 355th blue and the 356th green. 

The 354th TFW began life in 1942 as the 354th Fighter Group, and trained on P-39s before moving to
England in 1943.  It was assigned to the Ninth Air Force and saw combat from December 1943 until May
1945, flying P-51s and P-47s. The Group served in Europe until 1946 when it returned to the States. 
It was deactivated in march of that year.

It was redesignated the 354th Fighter Day Wing and stayed  took up residence at Myrtle Beach AFB,
South Carolina in late 1956, under the command of COL Frances S. Gabreski, the highest scoring living
USAF fighter ace. The Wing started inheriting F-100Ds from the deactivated 31st Fighter Bomber Wing
in early 1957, and on July 1, 1958 was redesignated the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing.   These beautiful
markings were carried until 1960, when TAC Regulation 66-12 standardized the exterior markings of all
TAC aircraft to the familiar TAC shield and thunderbolt, ending the glory days of USAF high-visibilty
markings.  The 354th TFW continued to fly the F-100 until 1969, but the four squadrons were deployed
all over the world, the last going to South Vietnam in 1968.

The kit is the 1/72 Esci F-100D, long considered the definitive kit of the Hun, and the markings are from
Microscale.  The finish on the model is all done with Model Master Metalizer paints of various shades.

Italeri has recently released an F-100D that is clearly a knock-off of this kit, but with new 450-gallon tanks,
some improved detail in the cockpit, and a few other minor changes.   Interestingly,  the Italeri kit includes
markings for another airplane from the 354th TFW - a red one from the 353rd squadron.  You can be sure
that one will be joining my collection soon!

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