From Al Supercszynski,
Check this out, guys. Model was built by Dr. Frank Mitchell & here's what he told me about it.
It's one of seven of his 1/32 scale built-ups I'll be adding to my web page soon. Enjoy!

     "The F-102 is a 32nd Combat kit-"sort-of". I will claim about 70% me and 30% kit. The wings are pretty good,
but the fuse needs some major help in some areas. To be fair, though, a lot of the effort in this thing is due to
its size (big) and my desire to add a bunch of detail. This combination always creates some problems in a
vac-formed kit. There are three hardwood spars in the wing. The canopy and windscreen are 1/32" Plexiglas,
the fuselage spine had to be formed over a new mold, and the entire radome was turned from hardwood.
The gear is all scratch-built as are all the interior details (the IR sensor is a ball-bearing that was heated to
get the right color- (one of my friends is a gunsmith and a former 102 pilot). The paint is Floquil, and the markings
are made up out of the decal bank (30 year's worth). The thing was in and out of a box for about three
years before it was finally finished, but I have to say that it is one of my favorites."

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