AFES Network Services
Is a full service California regional WISP offering full service High Speed access to the internet.  to areas of Yolo, Sutter and Colusa Counties. The basic account includes unlimited data usage of the connection (no "Fair Usage Policy" restrictions like are enforced by other providers), Managed wifi router available in 3 models at $30.00, $45.00 or $65.00 for the HP unit.
The managed router allows for "sharing" among the connected devices and will reduce the bandwidth necessary by one tier in most cases.
Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for restrictions and limitations.

Wireless High Speed pricing:

Residential Service Plan:
One time Installation and standard Setup* : $225.00, NO data cap on any plan,
no contract required except when setup fees are prorated.
Managed wifi router: add $30.00, $45.00 or $65.00 depending on model desired
The managed router allows for "sharing" among the connected devices and will reduce the bandwidth necessary by one tier in most cases

Price per month Downstream/Upstream Sustained data rate:   Downstream burst up to:

$45mo 3Mbps / 1.5Mbps : 4 Mbps

$60mo 4Mbps / 2Mbps : 6 Mbps

$75mo 5Mbps / 2Mbps : 8Mbps

$90mo 6Mbps / 2 Mbps : 12Mbps

$105 7Mbps / 2 Mbps : 15Mbps

$125.00mo 8Mbps / 2.5Mbps : 18Mbps

$140.00mo 9Mbps / 3 Mbps : 20Mbps
Subscription plans may be changed at any time upon request by telephone.
"Up To" burst speeds are variable due to locaton/signal quality and not guaranteed such as the "sustained" rates.
* Installation fees may be pro-rated over several months with contract commitment for term of pro-rate. Setup/Installation amount does not include additional work such as point to point links, extended wiring and inside wall/basement/attic runs. AFES will, at no cost to you, repair, upgrade or replace our CPE equipment as needed or in the event of failure. If installation requires additionl equipment, router, mounting hardware, restricted access to attic or substructure,additional fees may apply.

In order to maintain guaranteed service levels and data security, we do not allow customer owned CPE equipment on our network. Managed router purchase is optional.

Business Service Plan:
Installation and setup*: Basic: $225.00. Managed wifi router: add $45.00 or $65.00 for HiPower.
1 publicly routable static IP address available upon request,
Additional routable IP addresses available, call for quote.

Price per month/ Sustained Downstream/Upstream data rate:
$100mo 5Mbps / 4Mbps

$150mo 6Mbps / 5Mbps

$200mo 7Mbps / 6Mbps

$250mo 8Mbps / 7Mbps

$300mo 10Mbps / 8Mbps

$400mo 10Mbps / 10Mbps

Higher custom throughput account availability is contingent on connection quality as affected by location and terrain or other obstructions. We will conduct a site feasability survey without obligation to determine bandwidth level availability.

Billing and Processing:

Customers are billed via EMail invoice.
If invoices and statements are requested we will
supply them via USPS for a processing fee of $2.50 each.

Email For subscription information and on-site
survey/ setup by a technician, or call 530 668-9864.